Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Joy of Christmas is not in Shopping

We have about 28 sleeps before Christmas and already, people at the mall are rushing like the world is running out of stuff to buy.

Gone were the days when doing the mall thing with friends were enjoyable. When the food court is not so busy you can actually buy your food and eat it too within an hour without fighting with someone who cut in on the food stand line up pretending not to notice you.

Why are people so rude! What is the big deal if they don't find what they are looking for. Just pick another one.

Avoiding the mall is my mantra this shopping season. I have already ordered my kids toys online and just need a few more.

Great finds can be had with superior service when dealing with moms business owners. I love supporting small and home based moms businesses. Here are some great finds.

I also found great deals online at these major stores: check their clearance section

Toys deals can be found at, again, check their sales section.

If you are looking for beauty stuff, try the

The majority of online stores offer a flat rate shipping. Just make sure you choose Canadian base stores. But be wary, some online stores ships their products from the US and you can be hit with custom charges.

Best to deal with a store you know.

Happy Shopping!

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