Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Stress Of Shopping

First of all I didn't realize it’s graduation time. While it’s obvious because we are in the month of June, I was so busy with my work that the correlation between the month of June and teenage dress up time was not realized until my son actually yelled at me "mom I need a dress shirt!". This woke me up from my deep frenzied work state and said "okay, let's go out shopping".

First we picked my nephew up who wanted to come along shopping. Either my son needed his cousin’s opinion on what kind of shirt to buy or the other way around, but apparently they needed each other for this. So off we went to the mall close to our home. After going around in circle for half an hour, we decided the mall didn't have the shirt they were looking for. Everyone got back to the car and we drove 4 miles to the next big mall. An hour later and after trying on so many shirts, the boys decided they didn't have the "right stuff". They tried some shirt which came close to what they are looking for but not good enough.

My 9 year old daughter was already complaining about her tired feet. I realized while listening to the kids argue how I came to dislike shopping after the kids were born. It is no longer a pleasant experience. The malls have gotten bigger and halls became longer, and the crowd have increased by 100% it seems which made me claustrophobic. I then regretted my decision to "go out shopping". I should have investigated what kind of dress shirts they were looking for and checked it online - ahead of time. But now, it's pointless trying to find anything online, their graduation is this coming Friday. “Too little too late” came the phrase in my head.

After walking for what seems like a lifetime, I decided to take charge. No more trailing behind the boys while they go in and out of stores. I told them we are going to specific stores. We drove another 2 miles to a different mall and finally settled on a red shirt for my nephew and a black shirt for my son. Luckily, that was all they needed but gosh! We spent almost the entire day just shopping for these shirts!

Next time, I am sticking to online shopping. I just have to think ahead next time!

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