Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is Catalogue Shopping Dead?

So is Catalogue shopping dead? I know Canadian Tire stopped sending their catalogues. I didn't get my usual spring catalogue and when I did a search online, I found out they are no longer being produced.

But Sears catalogue are still available in print and online. Others such as Avon, Regal, and Tupperware are also available from your local representatives. Ishopathome receives catalogue request from people on a daily basis so I know catalogue shopping both printed and online is going strong. Especially now that the gas prices hit the all time high of 1.29 per liter.

I personally don't see why more people don't shop online considering that shipping and handling is really low.

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Kelly said...

I love shopping by catalog!!!! ESPECIALLY now that the price of gas is so horrid!! So anything that I can do online or by catalog is great with me!

And hey, I never even realized that I didn't get a Canadian Tire catalog until your post! OMG