Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Can We Do For Earth Day?

Watching and reading all the coverage on Earth Day makes me think of ways to contribute to Earth Day. So my family and I will be joining the tree planting crowd tomorrow, April 27. We will contribute to the goal of planting 10,000.00 trees. Check out their site.

I also stopped buying bottled water after learning the enormous amount of water bottle waste being generated by us. David Zuzuki - a prominent Environmentalist said that "buying water bottle is wrong". I agree. So I went online to purchase a good quality water bottle. The best deal found at this store online at"> With these prices, I could afford to purchase an eco-friendly water bottle for each of my kids. Remember the old “canteen water bottle long time ago? You can find them online. Of course if you want the stylist on trend type, then go to

So besides doing the above - saving energy and buying recycled products, I also realized that shopping online and working from home can also make a huge impact on reducing waste and saving energy. It took me a while to realize this. Let's see, shopping online saves us gas, mileage and pollution. Working from home saves us gas, mileage, pollution, coffee money, pantyhose cost and working clothes, and the wear and tear of our shoes.

Wow! That's quite a contribution to Earth Day:)

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