Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog Party!


It's Friday night and we are partying here at! so join me. This is my first time joining the party. The kids are partying too! its pizza and movie night. Extra special coz my baby won a friendship award. Check my earlier post today.

Anyhooo... please grab a glass of vintage Canadian Ice Wine and join us:)


Mzzterry said...

Congrats to your daughter!!

What a way to start your party!

I would like you to come visit me at my blog & PARTY some more!!

Lynn said...

Oooooh, ice wine... one of my favorite kinds... let me check my points... yeah, I can have a half glass... bring it on!

Holly said...

Hey Imie! Congrats to you and your daughter!! You should be proud :)

Anonymous said...

Pizza and movie night! What movie? Any pepperoni pizza? Although, my favorite is Hawaiian!

Hey, there's a party going on here! Woot!

I'm inviting you to party with me, too!

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Happy Partying!

Cher & Gene Klosner said...

Hi Imie!!! It's Cher - I just left a comment, but it disappeared! :)
So If I double post, sorry... Hope you are having fun!!! The Canadian Ice wine sounds yummy!! And congratulations on your daughter's award - she is beautiful - just like her mommy!! :)

Big hugs to ya, my friend!!

Cher :)