Friday, February 8, 2008

Promoting Your Home Based Business

Promote your business by writing about it!

How Do You Write About Your Business and Their Products?

As a woman in the direct sales business, I am amazed when I see blurbs written by other reps about their products that are boring and unattractive. I myself am in love with the products that I promote and therefore want to promote them in the most enticing way possible. USE those descriptive words ladies! I sell spices and herb blends for the most part and always think to myself - would I rather have a "jar of spices" or a "fragrant, mouthwatering carefully crafted blend of herbs and spices"

When writing, remember what it is about your products that make them special or unique. For example, do you sell candles? There are a few direct sales candle companies out there - the competition can be fierce so you want your products to stand out. Make the customers NEED the products, not just want them! Make Up? A lipstick is a lipstick is a lipstick. However, the freshly kissed shade of "insert product colour here" offered ONLY by "insert company here" which will make your lips feel soft and smooth while lasting all day long is the lipstick that I NEED to own!

Ads don't need to be long to be effective, but they DO need to hit home. If you plan to spend time and money advertising your product - make sure that you make the bang worth your buck!

Kelly Dash - Independent Rep for Epicure Selections


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