Monday, February 25, 2008

Personal Shopping

Once upon a time, a long time ago - personal shopping was a luxury that only the rich could afford. One could sit back, relax and enjoy having someone bring the "shopping mall" to their home for them to choose from. This luxury is no longer reserved for the well-to-do folk!
These days there are home party plans in almost any type of product that you can imagine! Home Parties offer the same basic ideas as having a personal shopper!!! You will get a face to face consultation with a representative who has great knowledge on the type of product he/she is promoting. Your consultant will not only tell you about their products but will also show them to you, explain the uses and benefits, and then allow you to shop if you desire to do so!

Having (or going to) a Home Party is not only beneficial in terms of being able to shop from your own home - generally it will also be a bit of a learning experience. For example, consultants for candle companies may tell you a secret or two about burning candles - or what different scents may offer you. Cooking types of Home Parties may teach you a new recipe or a new use for an old cooking tool! Clothing or make up Home Party reps may assist you on figuring out a style/colour/etc. that works best on you.
What makes this new type of personal shopping even better is the fact that most times you get to enjoy it with a group of your friends/family - making it not only beneficial and easy, but also turns it into a social event... and tell me, who doesn't enjoy a good party?

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