Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Resolution Time

It's that time of year again when the majority of people on earth resolve to improve many aspects of their lives such as their health, business and family. I never make any new years resolution because I always thought its a waste of time. But after a rocky 2007, I decided that 2008 will be different. I figured in order to make some changes in my life, I would have to start now so it might as well be a "new year's resolution". Join the crowd sort of speak.


1. Improve myself. Work on my own enhancement to be better at what I do. Attend educational seminars and business networking. I use to do it when I was in the financial business it was very rewarding.

2. Stop procrastinating. This is my biggest weakness. I would put things off as much as possible until its too late. A tough one but I have to do it.

3. Exercise or start a running routine. It always make me feel good and productive when I do it. The trick is, I have to stick to it.

4. Set goals. I always set goals but the follow through is hard. So I resolve to establish a routine whereby I work on the goals on a daily and weekly basis.

I already started this morning. I woke up, read the paper with my coffee, went for a short run, took a shower, and headed to my home office. It felt good!

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