Thursday, January 17, 2008

Women's Businesses Online

Since starting my online business in 2003, I've met quite a few women who are building their business through the use of the internet. Few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Wednesday Woman; an online magazine filled with interesting articles about life in general - of women of course.

Another interesting and very useful website for those of us in the sales business is Sales Divas. I wish I found them earlier in my sales career. I was listening to a podcast from online magazine) about the Sales Divas and I have to tell you, she is good! I've been to at least a dozen seminars and have taken half a dozen sales courses over the years and I can tell you, what she is talking about is pure diamond! If you can learn a few things from her, I can almost guarantee you will increase your sales.

Tickled Pink: The Secret of Attracting Delightful Customers

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