Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beauty Products On Sale!

Stock up on your favorite beauty products! The Body Shop is having a sale of up to 50% off your favourite items. Love the body butter... yummy stuff! Check them out., they can ship the items right to your doorstep.

I am also excited to hear that The Body Shop At Home Canada is coming back this year. I can't wait for that to happen. The Body Shop At Home is the direct selling arm of the company. It allows women and men to work from home selling these wonderful products. We'll give you more info as we hear more about it.

There are also great products on sale at If you love ANEW products from Avon, they are on sale. Stock up now. ANEW is one of the few products I love from Avon. Also try their mineral make up, it's light and has a reflector which is great for the evening I use it over my liquid mineral make up . If you have acne prone skin, the mineral make is great for your skin type. But if you are normal to dry skin, your skin might appear dryer. Mineral make up is one of the biggest trend in the beauty industry. It is natural and is gentle on the skin. There are expensive brand out there and I've tried several including the professional lines. Some are not worth the price. Avon mineral is one of the few that are ok. Help several women who are working from home by ordering through their websites at order over $55.00 and receive a gift.

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