Sunday, December 30, 2007

Boxing Day

Is it worth braving the crowds for Boxing Day sales?

There was an article in the Toronto Star on boxing day asking this question. Apparently, an online survey was conducted and 86% said NO! and only 14% said YES!

I am one of those that said no. I can't see the logic in getting up so early on boxing day to line up outside in freezing cold to save a few dollars. Okay, maybe $50 dollars or maybe even $100.00. But logic tells me that the majority of the merchandise will be on sale anyway after the Christmas season. So I think I'll wait and instead spend the rest of the week resting and drinking left over egg noggs...

And If I really want to buy something on boxing day and take advantage of the deep discounts, I can always buy it online.

I guess that is because I am lazy, but I think I am getting wiser. I rather spend my time sipping coffee and doing my work than doing the mall thing.

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